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The visitor economy: a scoping paper for London Borough of Redbridge

The London Borough of Redbridge currently has no tourism or visitor economy strategy and it struggles to present a cohesive view of the leisure, heritage and cultural offer in the Borough. However, there are some important local leisure resources and there has been some significant new investment in leisure facilities in recent years including the refurbishment of Valentine’s Mansion and the development of the Redbridge cycling centre.

Given this situation, staff and councillors at the Council asked us to provide them with a briefing on the importance and value of the visitor economy. This report summarises the discussion at the workshop, the SWOT analysis, the issues raised, the conclusions drawn and the recommendations for short-term action. The report included an overview of the value of the visitor economy to a local authority like Redbridge.

The visitor economy: a scoping paper for the London Borough of Redbridge (PDF)