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Search engine Optimisation (SEO) review of the website

Client: Brent Culture, Sport and Learning Forum (BCSLF)

BCSLF is a partnership of Brent-based businesses and arts organisations that works to promote culture, sport and extra-curricular learning in the Borough. Businesses in the Forum include ‘major players’ such as Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena and TV production facility Fountain Studios, home of the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. The Forum also includes smaller arts providers such as the Tricycle Theatre and Lexi Cinema, voluntary arts organisations and some sports and leisure providers.

The Forum receives some in-kind support from Brent Council through the provision of staff that help with the administration of the projects. Other than that, initiatives are undertaken by volunteers drawn from the member bodies. In 2010 the Forum launched a Culture Strategy for Brent and one of its main objectives was to increase the awareness of what is going on in the Borough. In pursuit of this objective, in early 2011 the Forum launched a website (VWVB). With the website now up and running for a few months, this report looks at how to maximise the visibility of the website and optimise the site for search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Review of the website