Tourism Stats, Facts and Links (September 2013 edition)

The Tourism Company is proud to be a member of The Tourism Society's Tourism Consultants Network. Every two months the Network publishes a newsletter and we provide a regular column for it outlining the latest tourism statistics and research reports. We thought that the information would be of interest and relevance to a wider audience so we have decided to reproduce each column here on our website. I hope that you find the information useful.

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David Bloy

September 2013 edition

1,800 new serviced rooms need to be built in London each year to meet the demand expected by 2036

That is one of the findings of a recently-published working paper by GLA Economics. ‘Understanding the demand for and supply of visitor accommodation in London to 2036’ was commissioned by Greater London Authority to help come to a view on the likely future demand for the provision of new hotel bedroom supply.

The working paper also includes a number of other useful insights including an estimate of existing supply. GLA Economics’ best estimate suggests that in 2012 there was an existing supply of 131,600 serviced rooms in London (and 165,700 serviced and un-serviced) with significant growth over the past couple of years.

On the demand-side, the working paper projects that annual tourism nights in London will reach an estimated 183.6 million by 2036.

New guidance on parking issued

It may seem to a little strange to be talking about parking in a column about tourism facts and statistics but I am sure I am not the only tourism consultant who finds that parking is a hot issue in many of the destination in which they work. Given this, I thought it worth flagging up the fact that the government has been undertaking a review of planning practice guidance, seeking to consolidate the confusing and inaccessible 7,000 pages of guidance. A streamlined, web-based resource has just been launched in “beta” mode. It could prove a valuable source of information and best practice for us and our clients.

And finally…… Why not recommend to your destination clients that they take up Google’s offer of loaning this hi-tech rucksack?

image of Google Street View rucksack

Google wants DMOs’ help in fleshing out its Street View photo library. The company has announced a pilot program that lets third-party organisations borrow its high-tech Street View Trekker equipment and contribute imagery to its mapping platform. Google's Trekker backpack captures 360-degree photos and can be navigated through narrow passages and over off-road terrain. If any of your clients are interested in borrowing the technology and contributing to Google Maps they can apply here.