14/10/11 Launch of a groundbreaking new sustainable tourism initiative in which The Tourism Company played a part


The Tourism Company today (14th Oct 2011) welcomes the launch of a major new sustainable tourism initiative in which it played a part

The initiative, called Our Land, aims to encourage people to reconnect with their local landscapes in South East England.

Central to the Our Land initiative is a new website. Visitors can use the website to find and book their next holiday; browsing specific regions and accommodation preferences or by viewing suggested itineraries themed around seasons and activities.

What makes the website different most other holiday sites is that all the businesses listed on the site must agree to the 'Our Land Promise' to offer authentic experiences that celebrate the cultural and natural history of the region, and they must demonstrate to visitors their commitment to the environment.

The Tourism Company worked on the first stage of this project, identifying businesses, themes and packages that could be included as part of the project. Our work formed the basis of a successful funding bid to the Rural Development Programme. The funds that came from this bid enabled the project to be developed, the culmination of which is today’s launch.

More information on Our Land (external link)
More information on The Tourism Company's involvement