Tourist Information Framework for London

Tourist Information Framework for London Picture

Information provision was identified as a key area for improvement in the Mayor’s plan and we were asked by the London Development Agency to come up with a robust framework for enhancing visitor information in London. There are many agencies and organisations involved in providing visitor information in London and a key concern of the client was how to get buy-in from these.

In the study we reviewed the activities of the range of agencies involved, including the important role played by the private sector, and explored the many channels used to deliver information. We also drew together the available research about visitor requirements and how these varied throughout the visitor journey.

In the light of this we identified the main issues and deficiencies and set out a series of actions to address these. These related to organisational changes as well detailed recommendations relating to specific delivery channels. One example was the recommendation to extend the use of Transport for London’s information points to plug the gaps in information dleivery at key gateways. There was extensive consultation with the steering group and individual agencies throughout the process.