An Equestrian Tourism Strategy for the South East of England

An Equestrian Tourism Strategy for the South East of England Picture

In 2004, we undertook research for Tourism South East , SEEDA and Surrey CC to understand the nature and scale of the equestrian tourism market including riding holidays and racing breaks. This involved primary consumer research amongst short break takers to assess their attitudes towards equestrian holidays, a local audit of provision, an operator survey to assess the nature and scale of equestrian tourism activity and a survey of overseas specialist equestrian tour operators.

Key issues were explored in more depth through 8 case studies covering the UK and North Europe. A strategy was developed with an action plan incorporating 21 different initiatives in information gathering and dissemination, product development and marketing including the packaging of short breaks and the promotion of new equestrian events.

The strategy has attracted major funding from various agencies but most notably from the horse racing intersts with the private sector committing significant sums to the promotion of Racing Breaks.Subsequently, we were invited to prepare a similar strategy for equestrian tourism in Devon. This involved an audit, operator survey, analysis of available data and research and the preparation of an overall strategy and action plans for product development and marketing initiatives.