Visitor Perceptions of London Transport

Visitor Perceptions of London Transport Picture

London receives millions of visitors each year, many of whom depend on public transport to get around. The Current LDA Tourism Action Plan has an objective 'To improve the visitor experience of public transport' and in order to help achieve this objective, this research was commissioned to:

  • provide an understanding of the visitor's experience of the London transport system, from pre-arrival to departure; and
  • create market intelligence that informs the forward plans of transport planners/operators and the development of tourism in London.

An in-depth review of all existing research and how it relates to the visitor experience of transport in London was undertaken, along with a significant piece of primary research to better understand how visitors feel about the buses, tube, trains and taxis in the capital and areas which could be improved for a better experience.

The primary research, which consisted of a visitor survey and central location tests, highlighted that levels of satisfaction amongst visitors for all modes of transport in London are extremely high, although some improvements can be made in how information is presented, in particular the complex ticketing options. For many visitors, London's transport has iconic status and using the tube or buses is an important part of the 'London experience'.

Recommendations were made in the following areas:

  • Improving research
  • Addressing the 'value for money' issue
  • Building on the 'iconic experience' and tourism opportunities
  • Making the experience (even) more enjoyable and easier
  • Improving information provision