Denbighshire Hotels Study

Denbighshire Hotels Study Picture

Denbighshire County Council in North Wales commissioned us to review the demand for serviced accommodation in the County and provide some guidance on policies and future opportunities. The study was carried out in 2006.

We looked at all types of serviced accommodation from B&Bs to hotels. The work included a postal survey of all known accommodation to collect information on markets, performance and future plans, supplemented by telephone interviews and visits to the larger hotels. Interviews were also carried out with hotel developers, coach operators and local authority planning and economic development departments.

Drawing on this information we were able to project future demand for accommodation over the next 5 years and explore the implications for both different sectors of accommodation and different geographical areas within Denbighshire.

Our overall findings were that existing occupancy levels were low and developer interest was very limited. The potential for attracting new hotel development was small. Areas with the most potential for growth in the longer term were the premier hotels (3 star and above) primarily located in the A55 corridor. The main priority, however, is to work with existing and incoming operators to upgrade the hotel product on offer.