Visitor Management at World Heritage Sites

Visitor Management at World Heritage Sites Picture

Over the last 10 years we have reviewed and prepared visitor management strategies and plans for a large number of existing and aspiring World Heritage Sites throughout the UK. Much of this work has been done in association with our colleagues at CBA for agencies including English Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces and local authorities.

We prepared the visitor management issues and policies for the overarching Management Plans for existing World Heritage Sites at Greenwich, Stonehenge, the Tower of London and Giants Causeway. We have done the same for a number of recent candidate sites including Kew Gardens and Liverpool Waterfront (both successful) and Wearmouth-Jarrow (pending). We have also reviewed the visitor management issues at a number of aspiring destinations including Chatham (Naval Heritage) and Glasgow (Charles Rennie Mackintosh architecture).

From this work, we have developed a rigorous system of analysis and a set of principles for looking at visitor management issues in such locations. We have contributed to a number of recent conference/workshops on the subject of tourism at World Heritage Sites.