Jersey Tourism Strategy

Jersey Tourism Strategy Picture

In 2000 we were invited by Jersey Tourism, (the Islandís tourism department), to draw up a tourism strategy for the island. Although a considerable amount of background work had been done there was no formal tourism strategy in existence and tourism in Jersey was in long term decline.

We reviewed the available statistics and information, consulted a range of stakeholders and published a consultation paper outlining the main issues. This was widely publicised and circulated, culminating in a major public meeting and conference to debate the findings. A series of working groups were then established involving key individuals and organisations to explore various issues such as access, employment and visitor experience etc in more depth.

The results of these deliberations were incorporated into a final strategy document and action plan (Tourism Adds Value) which centred on achieving ten key objectives.

In 2004 were invited back to review the strategy in the light of subsequent changes and explore whether it ws still valid. This was led by a group of tourism industry representatives and resulted in a more focussed document aimed at revitalising the tourism sector.