Tourism Policy and Management Plan for the Cayman Islands

Tourism Policy and Management Plan for the Cayman Islands Picture
In 2002, the Ministry and Department of Tourism for the Cayman Islands had concerns that stayover tourism in Cayman was in decline while cruise tourism had grown inexorably; that there was a need for product improvement, to bring out local distinctiveness and to manage the large volumes of cruise visitors more effectively. Our work involved extensive consultation and a review of current issues and opportunities relating to the performance of tourism in this high profile Caribbean resort. Other key issues included threats to the marine and terrestrial environment and the perception of over-development along the famous Seven Mile Beach. A new policy plan was prepared and adopted by Government with some robust new policies for managing the cruise sector, controlling new development and upgrading local products and services.In 2007, we were commissioned to review the TMP. Since 2002, Cayman has been hit by Hurricane Ivan and there has been a massive growth in the number of cruise ship arrivals despite the previous policy proposals. A similar range of issues therefore had to be addressed but under a new over-arching policy objective of developing a more sustainable tourism industry in the light of growing environmental concerns. The new policy plan focuses again on tourism planning control and visitor management.