Tourism Action Plans in South West Wales

Tourism Action Plans in South West Wales Picture

In 2004, the South West Wales Tourism Partnership commissioned a tourism strategy for the region of Wales best known for traditional family holidays but with a growing activity and special interest market.

The strategy, based on extensive consultation with all parties and set in the context of integrated quality management procedures, focused on raising quality in the industry and extending the season with a particular emphasis on the role of the SWW Tourism Partnership, the local authorities, the newly-formed tourism associations and other agencies in implementation. The strategy, ‘Open All Year’, gained common consensus and has been adopted by the rspective agencies.

Following our work on the regional strategy, we were commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government, Pembrokeshire County Council, Carmarthenshire County Council and the City and County of Swansea to prepare tourism action plans for Pembrokeshire Haven and Swansea Bay; action plans that seek to implement the wider aspirations of the new Wales Spatial Plan. The Action Plans were prioritised to reflect the wider agenda of the Spatial Plan; how tourism can contribute to – and benefit from - the wider social, health, environmental and economic agenda. The Action Plans were the first ‘off the blocks’ under the auspices of the Spatial Plan and have been used as templates for further work.