Tourism Strategy for Oxford

Tourism Strategy for Oxford Picture

Oxford receives over 9 million visitors each year. The City's unique architecture and academic reputation are known the world over and Oxford is a 'must see' for many visitors from within and outside the UK. But being popular brings with it a number of challenges, not least how to manage visitors once they are in the City, both to ensure that their experience is of the highest quality and to minimise any problems for the destination. Furthermore, Oxford is facing increasing competition from other destinations at home and abroad and, as we head further into the 21st Century, Oxford needs to ensure that it maintains its appeal to new generations and keeps pace with the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market.

The Tourism Company was commissioned by Oxford City and Oxfordshire County Councils to write a tourism strategy for the city to address these issues. It was based on widespread consultation with those involved in tourism, including surveys of tourism enterprises and the University Colleges, two stakeholder workshops and many face-to-face meetings, as well as a detailed review of existing research and current policies.

The strategy highlights three objectives with priorities for action under each. The objectives are:

  • Developing more focussed marketing and communication
  • Making the experience of visiting Oxford special
  • Improving the management and co-ordination of tourism

You can download a copy of the strategy here